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Derek P

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I dont build for a paycheck. Ive spent 18 years in the trades because its my passion in life. A true craftsman is all iam.
Rogers, Arkansas
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Renovator in Rogers, Arkansas

I'm an
I have posted numerous rants on sites such as craigslist and angies list pertaining to the naive homeowners who always try and save a buck by accepting the cheapest bid for their projects but then end up paying for it double or triple due to building error, unskilled tradesman, poor quality control or their lack of any sort quality control. Maybe someone on this site will read this and and open theyre eyes to the home they have and the people they trust coming in and performing job tasks that may or may not be even performed correctly. Home owners, iam here for u. Im not asking for all your homes projects!! And just so you know that iam sincere when i say i dont want all the work i will encourage you to not contact me at first. Ok i would like you to contact the contractor of each company that bids on the project and have a 5 minute conversation with each one but try and make most conversation about them personally. Ask questions get personal before asking for the bid. I Mean hey they are about to be all up in your lives for days on end and they will know plenty about you after the first couple of hours. I promise you that after talking with, say 5 builders, and you pick one based on your vibe you get from him him after conversating about his family and his birth state also if they claim to have a contractors license ask for the number you can check it on the state contractor website. Oh and just because they flash a card with a legit number doesnt necessarily mean he or she is a (craftsman) in their trade the contractors license is as easy to get as a drivers license. maybe alittle easier... so dont count them out just because they havent spent a grand and memorized all the books they give you with the answers! Honestly i have never applied for a contractors license myself but i do however obtain a business license and of course my company is insured. Ok so to sum it all up for you, dont trust just anyone to work on your home and dont automatically choose the cheapest bid or risk having to pay 2-3 times the original cost to repair or completely redo their work. And dont think one job is safer to cut costs on then the next! Something as simple as exterior paint is a pain n the butt when its sprayed all over the shingles or worse, youre car!! And dont think theyll come tell you when the painted your dog or "accidentally" ruptured youre sprinkler system in the front yard. Companys that are uninsured will 100% of the time Never inform you because you accepted their bid that was 50% cheaper then the other contractors and now they cant afford to spend another hour on the job. For those of you that actually read and "heard" what i was saying, love your home, invest a little more money in the projects for quality production and you can never lose. My name is Derek Power. Iam an N.C.C.E.R. certified building maintenance technician with certifications i can verify. I started framing houses when i was just 17 years old. I graduated and went to work the next day and that was when i fell in love. Maybe sound a little more strange when i say i fell in love with the smell of fresh cut lumber!! Weird i know but carpentry really was my everything when i was a kid and that is why i think i have a passion that very few have for their trades or jobs. Like i said i dont just work to pay the bills, if i could do it all for free i whole heartedly would do it without a doubt! Its virtually impossible to work for free, for very long anyways! I came to Arkansas from calIFornia In 2009 TO help my little sister get caught up on their renovations and additions on their 1930's house in which i agreed to work the spring and summer for free! 4 months later, still working for free 7 days a week by myself they had exhausted all finances and were unable to continue work. But i stayed here in this beautiful state for 2 reasons: 1 is californias recession was way more severe and i was hired on with 7 different companies and still could find no work and there was and still plenty of work here in new construction and remodels and repairs. And 2 was of course for YOU!! I started a company in this beautiful state because i knew i would ALWAYS be able to provide for my family here! Yea thats right i knew that banks would have lots of my money, and that is because i invest in people. I invest in my customers by being honest and outright. I have never gave an outrageous bid just because the home owners have obvious wealth, contractors know exactly how steep the bid will be when the notice the type of car you drive. Crazy huh?? Trust me i have met countless dirtbags over the years who try an capitalize on wealthy owners. I have always made sure i give a little bit of a discount off the very first bid i give to new customers. Also i will never ask what the last contractor bid the job at just to lowball him. Im always more then fair and even negotiable on pricing. Even been known to trade labor for miscellaneous items and may or may not needed what i gained for the work but that might have just been all they could give. I have never had a home owner tell me or anyone else that i do anything less then perfection, i will not leave until its all perfect and you absolutely love it or your money back guaranteed. Also a touch of residual perfection, i follow every job up with a phone call a week after the project just to make sure there is still nothing but complete satisfaction. So if you have a project , do youre homework on the contractors and protect your investment. Ill alwaya be one call away. Derek power D-Co. Build Remodel Repair

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